"I am a Syrian Refugee"

Refugees of the Syrian Civil War or Syrian refugees are citizens and permanent residents of Syrian Arab Republic, who have fled from their country since the onset of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 and have sought asylum in other countries. In 2016, the United Nations (UN) identified 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance, of which more than 6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and over 4.8 million are refugees outside of Syria. In January 2017, UNHCR counted 4,863,684 registered refugees. Turkey is the largest host country of registered refugees with over 2.7 million Syrian refugees. Saudi Arabia claims to have received nearly 2.5 million Syrian citizens as of 2016, but without registering them as refugees. Assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) within Syria, and Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries, is planning largely through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In 2016, pledges have been made to the UNHCR, by various nations, to permanently resettle 170,000 registered refugees.


Migrants stranded in Serbia with nowhere to go

Migrants protest border issues as they wait in a derelict warehouse in the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

Migrant Crisis : Rescuers pulled nearly 300 people from rubber boats

Sub-Saharan migrants cover themselves with a heating blanket on the deck of the Golfo Azzurro after been rescued from the Mediterranean sea, about 24 miles north of Sabratha, Libya. Rescuers pulled nearly 300 people from two rubber boats in waters off the coast and were looking for 100 more believed to be on another boat missing since Sunday.

A displaced Iraqi boy holds a white flag

A displaced Iraqi boy holds a white flag as his family flees during the battle between Iraqi rapid response forces and Islamic State militants at Tigris river front line between east and west of Mosul, Iraq.