Battle of Mosul : ‘It’s hunger that makes people behave like this’

These desperate civilians scrambled for food from aid trucks in a part of Mosul. Crowds stretched out their hands to grab ration boxes as a small number of soldiers struggled to keep control. Some climbed into lorries sent in by the Iraqi government and helped themselves to the rations inside.









Nobody to wipe Rohingyas’ tears

A Rohingya Muslim man and his son cry after being caught by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) while illegally crossing at a border check point in Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh.

Little respite for Iraqis displaced by Mosul fighting

People flee fighting between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants. An Iraqi commander has said troops are continuing to advance towards the centre of the city.

9,700 Children Displaced Since Start of Mosul Operation – UNICEF

Two girls are helped on to a truck by soldiers, before being transported out of the combat zone in the Samah area of the northern Iraqi city

Iraq conflict: Civilians suffering ‘staggering’ violence

A displaced Iraqi woman cries after she finds out that her 15-year-old son Maitham was killed by a mortar in Samah neighborhood, Mosul, Iraq.

A displaced Iraqi boy holds up a white flag while fleeing Samah

A displaced Iraqi boy holds up a white flag while fleeing Samah neighborhood during a fight between Islamic State militants and the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service in Mosul, Iraq.

Displaced people head to a safer territory in Mosul, Iraq

Displaced people who fled the violence of Islamic State militants in Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul, head to a safer territory in Iraq.